Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Ok, the big question... what is a Big Project at HPSS?

How do I describe the 'essence' of what a Big Project at HPSS is all about?

In my humble opinion... 

It's about giving students at HPSS the chance to make a real difference, so they can feel the 'buzz' that changing something for the better can bring.  It's about the joy that thinking about someone or something other than yourself can bring, the satisfaction that emerges from a "thank you so much".  

Planting trees at Hobsonville Point is just the beginning (note the smiles already!).

But if I was to explain and justify Big Projects at HPSS to the rest of the educational profession then...

Big Projects are a student centred, authentic, collaborative learning experience based around a meaningful issue, challenge or needs-based situation in our community.  They incorporate a  guided, flexible framework that empowers through student voice and choice.  Using the HPSS Learning Design model, students undertake deep exploration and inquiry, working with real world partners to then develop innovative and impactful actions.  The result is the creation of high quality, authentic products, knowledge and outcomes that make a significant contribution to their community.  These are celebrated and shared.  
Big Projects embrace HPSS  values - inquiry, collaboration, contribution and innovation are fundamental components of every project undertaken.  Partnerships based in the 'real world' and a meaningful, authentic need will inspire, allowing excellence to emerge. Personal excellence can be expressed as students engage the Hobsonville Habits and make connections with manaakitanga (moral purpose and integrity), whanaungatanga (relationships) and whenua (environmental connections).  

Big Projects at HPSS allows personalisation through the variety of roles, talents and ideas that emerge, but it brings them all together, like pieces of a jigsaw, to create a collaborative, more powerful, high impact result that builds our culture and a community within HPSS. 

So what now?
So now we just have to turn that vision into reality.  With an amazing team at HPSS and an amazing local community that wants to be involved the initial feelings are positive...  I look forward to using this blog as a way to record and document the process and my journey... I wonder if anyone will follow...

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