Sunday, 9 February 2014

Big Projects: On your marks.. get set.....

...we are almost ready to go!

So, 2014 is upon us, and Hobsonville Point Secondary School is now filled with engaged and excited Year 9 students.  They are enjoying getting to know their coaches, their peers, their future opportunities and the unique 'ways' of doing things at their new school.  

This week they will be introduced to the concept of Big Projects using the authentic and meaningful scenario of "moving into the world's newest school".  On the 28th of February students will be involved in a once in a lifetime experience.  How do we mark such an event? How do we acknowledge it's importance, celebrate it, and make a noteworthy first 'appearance' on the school grounds?  This is our first Big Project challenge at HPSS.  

To truly understand the HPSS Big Project framework students should experience it themselves, by engaging in the process, rather than being 'told' and 'shown'.  In doing so, each of the stages will be explored - by students their peers, guides and coaches -  and a more rigorous, meaningful understanding will emerge... hopefully!

To help parents and the community learn more about Big Projects, a short, very basic PPT presentation has been developed.  It describes and explains the fundamental aspects of Big Projects and it's importance in our students learning journey.    

So, on Friday students will be engaged in an initial small scale "Kick Off" that should inspire them to take up the challenge.  

Watch this space.... 

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